Verticulture Farms

Growing Fresh and Nutritious Foods for Local Communities

Our Story

Who We Are

Our team is made up of agriculture professionals with the common mission of promoting the practice of sustainable food production in urban environments. We are committed to developing and promoting the most efficient technologies in the field of sustainable agriculture.

What We Do

We utilize aquaponics in a vertically designed system. Aquaponics is an ecologically designed food production method that produces its own nutrients by raising fish to feed plants and uses plants to filtrate water for fish. We combine ecology with our technology to maintain the health of our systems and increase the economic viability of our farms.

Where We Stand

We currently operate a farm on the roof of the old Pfizer manufacturing plant in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. We are growing a variety of plants from kale to micro basil and raising our Brooklyn-born tilapia to sell to restaurants and markets in the NYC area.

Our Products


Tilapia is our fish of choice because of its resilience and suitability for commercial scale aquaponics production compared to other commercial whitefish. Being located in the heart of Brooklyn allows us to get our fish to our customer within hours of harvest, providing our customers with the the freshest, highest quality product available in the NYC market.


Our produce can be consumed the day it is harvested. The freshness of our product guarantees not only the best flavor but also the highest nutrition on the market. We grow a mix of vegetables that increase the health and culinary diversity of both our customers and our farm.

Our Custom Blends

We offer custom herb and vegetable blends to chefs and food artisans in the NYC market. Custom blends can be grown within one month of order due to our agile growing methods.

Sustainable Vision


We are committed to developing growing practices that reduce waste and conserve natural resources. We do this by producing our own feed from plants and insects, composting all of our waste and conserving 90% of the water that we use.


Building farms is only one part of our mission as a company. As we expand, our goal is to support and build our surrounding communities. We aim to offer healthy, affordable food and focus on outreach and education to train and hire the next generation of urban agriculture professionals in the communities where we grow.

Contact Us


630 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11206

[email protected]